Who is Hulin Health?

Founded in 2011, Hulin Health LLC is a leading provider of Urgent Care services in Louisiana. Their signature brand, SouthStar Urgent Care, is known primarily for its nationally recognized, award-winning customer service. With a focus on patient care and team culture the SouthStar Urgent Care team is changing the way healthcare is delivered. SouthStar Urgent Care is a product of hard work, unmatched customer service, and sincere passion for changing the way health care is delivered, one community at a time. With a network of over 20 clinics throughout the state of Louisiana, their clinics offer non-critical, but urgent medical care to patients as an alternative to long waits in the emergency room or when they cannot reach their primary physician after office hours or on weekends. Available clinic services range from treating allergies to onsite X-rays, flu symptoms to stitches, or simply a general sports physical for school. Occupational medicine services are also available. Clinics are open seven days a week and welcome all ages for treatment.

Our mission at Hulin Health is to provide a unique experience for both patients and team members. The “Golden Rule” is at the center of everything we do. The delivery of customer service-oriented health care to every single one of our patients and customers is our most basic reason for being. We recognize that the core ingredient for achieving this goal is to provide a great environment in which team members can realize their full potential and flourish; not only as employees, but as human beings.

•   Humility

• “Stay Humble”

•   Accountability

• “I am responsible”

•   Integrity and Honesty

•   Loyalty and Commitment

•   The Golden Rule - Treat Others as You Want to be Treated

While many companies preach about mission statements and core values, WE LIVE IT.


General Information: Info@HulinHealth.com
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Billing Information: 844-376-4249 available weekdays 9am - 5pm CST