Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Within our clinics, you can receive treatment for any of the following or related reasons:


Abscess Treatment Diaper Rash Headache, Toothache
Allergic Reaction Nausea/Diarrhea/Vomiting Heartburn
Allergies Ear Infection, Earache Infections
Asthma Attacks Fever Poison Ivy, Skin Infection
Bronchitis Flu Treatment Sinus Infection
Cough, Congestion Gastrointestinal Disorders STD
Cuts, Lacerations Gout Urinary Tract Infection 
Dehydration Gynecological Conditions Eye Infection


Abrasions Burns Minor Injuries
Acute Back Pain Eye Injuries Musculoskeletal Pain
Acute Neck Pain Foreign Bodies Splinters
Animal or Insect Bites Fractures Strains, Sprains

 X-Rays & Diagnostics

Blood Work IV Fluids Rapid Strep Testing
EKG Mono Screen RSV Testing
Flu Testing Pregnancy Testing X-Rays
Glucose Testing    

 Immunizations & Physicals 

Flu Vaccine School Physicals Fit for Duty Physicals
Pertussis Vaccine Sports Physicals Return to Duty Physicals
Tetanus Vaccine Camp Physicals General Physicals
Employment Physicals Firefighter, Police Physicals DOT/19A Physicals